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  1. Re: 回复: backtrack 4 R1 bug airodump-ng error : ioctl(siocsifflags) failed: unkno

    how to load the rf kill in bt???
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    Re: ioctl(SIOCSIFFLAGS) failed: Unknown error 132

    got the same f*cking prob...
    i got the same model rtl8187.. where did you download your version of the driver? i got mine in a cd with my usb modell who i bought from dealextream..
  3. Problem with BT finding my wireless card. its working in cd boot mode.

    Hey guys!

    i just finalizing installing WmVare and trying to understand bt4. But i have got to a point where i cant figure out whats the problem..
    i got a wireless card/adapter name: FL-2016G....
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