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  1. Re: ar9271 and BT5r1 Fully working! Reg_Domain change APmode full power! ^_^

    Good to know!

    Frys has a TP link TL-WN722N with the ar9271 chip for $10

    was wondering if it worked, now I will pick it up tomorrow (assuming there are still some available)
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    Re: Never detect Atheros Ar9285 card.

    does it work in windows?

    have you disabled wifi before booting back track?

    I have the same card and it works 100% with bt4 r2, bt5 r1

    tried re-installing bt? different flavor?

    I forget...
  3. Re: problem Backtrack 5 R1 with Wireless realtek RTL8191SevB

    Also have this in usb form "RTL8191su" from patriot wifi dongle

    I would assume you need enable it or install drivers, since it's no where on the compatibility page.

    I forget the command but I...
  4. Discussioni: UWA-BR100 thread

    by casemods

    UWA-BR100 thread

    If anyone else has a Sony UWA-BR100 Pre-802.11n Wireless Adapter they bought for their TV and want to get it to work to test it, post here.

    I can't seem to find drivers on SONY's site.

    With it...
  5. Discussioni: Wireless HCL Thread

    by casemods

    Re: Wireless HCL Thread

    Broadcom BCM4313 - was not able to put into monitor mode in gerix wifi cracker.

    I assume that also means no injection.

    On this page, the 4312 works. It's just one number off.

    I heard it was...
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    Re: Connecting Wirelessly

    Most people just get back track to test security of their devices...
  7. Acer aspire one AO522-BZ897 (Broadcom BCM4313) no monitor, no injection

    Newbie here.

    This is what I get in gerix wifi cracker.

    Some type of slot machine thing going on in the mode.

    It says "success" at the bottom, but then if you try to scan for networks, it...
  8. Channels in wepbuster - how to set ALL instead of just 1,6,11?

    Pretty simple question.


    How to change the automation in wepbuster to scan all channels instead of just 1,6,11

    I'm not sure if linux is like windows at all where you can just edit...
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