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  1. Parallels 7 + Backtrack 5 R2 - Issue Install Parallel Tools

    Good Afternoon,

    I've had success installing Parallel Tools on Backtrack 5 R1 using the following command...

    root@bt:~# ln -s /usr/src/linux /lib/modules/

    I've upgraded to...
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    Re: MacBookPro8,1 + Parallels + Airport

    I had a similar issue. Networks not seeming to work in Parallels when using Backtrack5. Here are some steps I tried and had varied success.

    RUN /etc/init.d/network restart
    Reset your...
  3. 802.11 USB Adapter Suggestion - Need Master Mode

    Good Day,

    I'm looking for a 802.11 USB adapter that hopefully has the following specifications:

    Master and Monitor Modes
    Pass Aireplay-NG Injection Test
    External Antenna
    USB Adapter
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