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    Re: Pyrit with Cuda won't work after restart

    Thanks for the replies!

    I found a fix for this after thinking about it for a while, but you have to do it each time you restart the system.
    I think backtrack messes with that new xorg.conf file...
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    Pyrit with Cuda won't work after restart

    When I installed Pyrit with cuda on my fresh install of bt4 r2 using the guide on this website, it ran perfectly. I even cracked a wpa key with it, however, when I shut backtrack down and went back...
  3. Re: WUSB600N V2 (ralink rt3572 chipset) works like a charm

    I've also been trying to get the wusb600n v2 to work with backtrack 4 r1 for a while now, and I've got a few questions about it. I'm kinda new to Linux, so sorry if they're real easy.

    Is this...
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