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  1. Re: Bad password error when validating authentication in WICD

    Thanks for replying npkev, yeah, the correct encryption has been choosing as when using another adaptor connecting to the same access point using BT5 this worked fine.
  2. Bad password error when validating authentication in WICD

    The problem is when connecting to the router with BT5 using wireless antenna model AWUS036NH It tries to get past t validating authentication in WICD but then gives a 'bad password' error when the...
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    Re: arpspoof - 'couldn't arp for host'

    Thanks for all of that. I'm getting a bit further than I was. I have also ran the netstat -nr command to check my df gateway. The IP address for the default gateway which BT is displaying is a...
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    arpspoof - 'couldn't arp for host'

    I'm looking at SSL Spoofing within BT5 using arpspoof and ettercap. However, when using arpspoof and using the syntax in the forum topic, when entering -

    arpspoof -i wlan0 -t <IP address of...
  5. Error 132 in VMWare but not in Oracle VirtualBox...?

    Over the last few months I have been trying to get more familiar with BackTrack4. I have noticed when using the 802.11 wireless vulnerability assessment tools, such as airmon-ng/aircrack-ng within a...
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