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    Re: Backing up apt-get dist-upgrade downloads

    I am not an expert, but I don't think what you want to do can be done. I would suggest one of two things:

    (1) Use a VM instead of installing directly to bare metal. This way you can clone the VM...
  2. Re: Hardware vs. Virtualization for a first time pen-test lab

    It all depends. For example if you were launching a password attack, trying to hijack a session, trying to perform a DoS, or cause a crash then you're most likely safe with a reboot. On the other...
  3. Re: Hardware vs. Virtualization for a first time pen-test lab

    A VM is stored the same way as any other files on your computer. Simply delete the VM's folder (saved in "My Documents" on Windows hosts by default) when you are done with them. However, this might...
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    Re: Problems with SVN up / msfupdate in BT5 r3

    @Lancha: I've seen that same error message before after MSF didn't exit cleanly. A reboot did the trick for me.
  5. Discussioni: THANKS! I love bt

    by Dyndrilliac

    Re: THANKS! I love bt

    I've been hoping the devs might look to Mint somewhere down the line. It's currently my favorite main-stream flavor of Debian.
  6. Re: Hardware vs. Virtualization for a first time pen-test lab

    Going the virtualization route is by far the easiest, simplest, and cheapest solution. The only real downside is that in order to use WiFi you will need a USB adapter. My personal setup is on a Zeus...
  7. Re: open aditional shell/terminals in backtrack 5 on vmware player

    You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal window, but IIRC VMware uses the Ctrl+Alt combo by default to return input control to the host OS so you might need to change your...
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    Re: Overcoming a Clever SSH Defense

    That was my initial assessment as well, but I tried both tools both ways and got the same results each time.

    @thorin: That sounds like it might work. However, I've never edited any of the scripts...
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    Overcoming a Clever SSH Defense

    I am an IT administrator for a small 'Mom and Pop' type alarm business. I am in the process of conducting a penetration test and I am currently testing our hardware firewall for vulnerabilities, a...
  10. Re: Trouble installing Virtual Guest Addon using the wget command in Linux

    @seth2600: Have you tried downloading the file with a web browser, or on an alternate machine and transferring the ISO using a USB flash drive? In any case, I didn't have any problem downloading the...
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