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  1. Re: VMWare Workstation 7.1.4 can't work with kernel 2.6.39.*

    Yeah, or use virtualbox, as per this: Backtrack 5 R1 - Some things fixed, some things broken + workarounds
  2. Re: BT5 KDE 32bit starx error-screen blank-caps lock blinking

    Seems similar to the graphics driver issue I had: A few other tips for Backtrack 5 graphics drivers issues, and software installs
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    Re: Which is better, BT4 or BT5?

    BT5 takes some getting used to, but I am starting to like it more.
  4. spike fuzzer 2.9-bt4 issues - A) segfault - B) response issues

    Hi All,
    I am trying to research spike fuzzer more (as part of background for OSCE) but on BT5 I am not getting any joy with it at all. (Maybe I'm not using it right, but the docs aren't much help)
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