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    Re: After windows 8 can't boot

    I agree with Sickness. Backtrack must be lastly installed. If you can configure ur menu to not boot previous MBR it would help. Or configure to not rememeber last boot.
  2. Re: Dual boot BT5R2 + Win7 on UEFI netbook with existing Win7-installation

    research acronis. It will help you create a recovery partition.

  3. Re: Dual booting Bt5 R3 "no operating systems installed"

    I would like to help you because i have a thing for bootloading. However you must be a little more clear and detailed. Do you plan to have both os on the same drive or partition? This makes a big...
  4. Re: Installer refuses to let me install GRUB. Help please?

    I'm not sure if I can help you, but I am terribly interested in your problem. Can I ask what filesystem or variety of filesystems you are using?
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    Re: Reinstall only the grub boot loader

    Im not sure if this will help you but I recently installed a 64bit Win7. I use GRUB4DOS to bootload XP,Android,Win7, BT5r2, and BT5r3. Depending on how many drives you have and/or...
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    Re: How often do you use bt?

    I was introduced to Backtrack from a friend of mine who professionally works IT. I have never had any formal training in IT so I get stuck reading jargon. I actually work professionally within...
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