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    Installing/running Backtrack 5.2 on XenServer

    Hello. I am trying to install Backtrack onto XenServer. I have grabbed the Gnome ISO, installed it on Xen using the "other" choice for OS, selected the Barcktrack 5.2 iso, and installed.

    At boot...
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    Re: Flash Player for Firefor help needed

    1. Thanks for the tip on Flash-Aid, it worked perfectly!
    2. There is a wiki article for doing this. It does not work, at least not for the 5.2 gnome vm download I used to create my backtrack...
  3. Re: How can I install flash player on Backtrack 5 gnome 64 bit?

    The wiki instructions do not work, probably because neither link to download Flash is current. I am only able to find the current version of one of those files,...
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