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    Atheros in master mode AP doesn't work in BT4F?

    Hi all, BT4 Final is great! But creating a fake AP in master mode on my atheros ar5007 doesn't seem to work. I like master mode for its great AP speeds. I can't get a softAP over 5kB/s, no matter...
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    atheros master mode in bt4 final

    Thanks Nick! This script is awesome!!
    With bt4pf i get great speeds on master mode with my ar5007 and the madwifi drivers. Its too bad master mode won't work in bt4f. I tried the latest madwifi...
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    Great guide apocolipse! But well, it doesn't...

    Great guide apocolipse! But well, it doesn't quite work with bt4 prefinal, and man, that's really too bad :(

    'uname -r' tells me that my bt4pf uses kernel (that's 2.6.27+ isn't it?)....
  4. @ hm2075: I don't know what you mean by this...

    @ hm2075: I don't know what you mean by this "response from the devs", but I've done like you said. I made a thread over at the aircrack-ng forums, they created a ticked for me and asked me to upload...
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    ralink rt2870 issues @ bt4pf ( linksys wusb600n )

    Hi all,
    A few days ago I went out and bought a Linksys WUSB600N featuring a ralink rt2870 chipset (it's a Wireless-N USB network adapter with dual-band from Linksys by Cisco).
    It was listed as...
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    Hi all, Floyd man, I love your satanicAP! It...

    Hi all,
    Floyd man, I love your satanicAP! It works really great!
    I just have one problem. I don't mean to spam up your thread with this airbase related problem, but I thought you might be able to...
  7. my airbase-ng essid displayed as random symbols in windows

    Hi all, this is my first post here at the RE forums. I've been learning a lot from you guys over the last few months. the RE forums have provided me a sollution for almost every problem I have had...
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