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  1. Re: Cannot control Brighness : fn + f2/f3 does not work : HP ProBook 4520s

    I am having the same problem though I haven't had much time to try and fix it.

    Lenovo Y570 with GT555m (optimus)

    It was working fine with Backtrack r1 64-gnome but when I did a clean wipe->r2...
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    Need help identifying an unknown AP

    Hello everyone, I tried posting this in the Beginner's Forum yesterday, but upon closer examination that isn't the right area for it so I'm posting a new thread here. (I'm new to the forum so I...
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    Battery not detected on Lenovo Y570

    Hello again. Forgive me if this has been addressed else where, I'm having trouble getting the search function on this website to work (searching leads me to a blank page). Anyway, I've recently...
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