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  1. Re: DHCP: [] ACK : invalid GW invalid

    im actually reading up on everything now! just trying to apply what im learning by practicing it ya know. anyways ty for your help. and if you have any reference for reading material that u...
  2. Re: DHCP: [] ACK : invalid GW invalid

    i solved the problem by editing something else. kate /etc/etter.conf and changing the privs to = 0


    ec_uid = 0
    ec_gid = 0

    with those settings i can sniff everything just fine....
  3. DHCP: [] ACK : invalid GW invalid

    first off. hello and thank you for the support already provided here in the forums. im very new to bt.

    goal: trying to sniff ssl using g0tmi1lk's tutorial YouTube - Tutorial How To Sniff SSL HTTP...
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