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  1. 1 on1 help with bt4 Anyone willing?

    I advanced with computers, just am having a tough time wiht my Adapter and bt4 finding it. Nobody has been able to help me so far here in the forums so I was hoping someone would have the time to try...
  2. Re: Bt4 won't find my wireless USB adapter ---ERROR!!!!

    im using Belkin N300 Surf & Share. I installed the software/drivers that came with it.. it finds all wireless networks in rang on my desktop computer, and when i run wireshark(a sniffer program) it...
  3. Bt4 won't find my wireless USB adapter ---ERROR!!!!

    I have bt4 beta 2. I'm using a desktop, booting bt from my USB flash drive. I bought a belkin wireless USB adapter to use since my computer doesn't come with it. When I type in airmon-ng it doesn't...
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