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    Simple question!

    i'm reading the aircrack FAQ, to try to get some explanation, for a question that is in my head...

    i read that if we enter
    airodump-ng -c 6 ath0 we can fix the channel that we want, but when i...
  2. Discussioni: failed attemps

    by brainsquasher

    failed attemps

    guys i have problem, here, because i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

    i boot the cd, start bt4 and insert all he data that we need to desencrypt a wep wireless lan, an in thefinal step, when...
  3. Kernel panic not syncing:attemp to kill init??

    well guys, i' very, very new in the linux world. Few time ago, i start a search to crack wep wireless network, and everyone indicates to me Backtrack.

    Well i download it and burn it into a dvd, a...
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