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    Re: Problem about benchmark pyrit with cuda support

    i'm not so sure that this is correct.... i'm having the same issue. i have seen other outputs that show all the cores.... and with the card that i have i'm not seeing the performance that i would...
  2. Re: metasploit v4.4.0-dev : search function not working fully

    i believe that i updated gems correctly but i'm still a bit a of a newb. i still have the error when running the search command. how would you recommend reinstalling PG
  3. Re: Blackscreen after installing ATI driver on 32 bit KDE

    i actually have a Nvidia quadro 4000m but had been having the same issue for some time.
    the end result.
    adding this was the fix

    Add acpi=off like that:

    thank you everyone for all the...
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