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  1. Re: IWL3945 with Backtrack 4 - Nope, that's not working!

    Worked without issue from the start. Can you post the exact errors you are seeing, or provide a little more info? What happens when you try to inject?
  2. Re: IWL3945 with Backtrack 4 - Nope, that's not working!

    I know this topic has been covered, but I will attempt to help. Perhaps a dumb question, but did you try to follow all of these steps?

    simple_wep_crack [Aircrack-ng]

    I have not had any problems...
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    Re: wpa/psk default passwords .txt file

    I will be downloading and seeding as well. Thanks for the ^^
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    Re: forum culture debate :/


    Just to put this into a mathematical perspective, 88% of members have 0 or 1 post. There are 642 out of 79552 members that are junior members(25+ posts) or above and that equates to only 1%....
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    Re: forum culture debate :/

    I am noob to backtrack, and my gurlfriend lost her password for windowz. Can anyone halps me to recover, pleaz? JK.

    I really am a noob, and in the past I have worked in a hardware testing and...
  6. Re: Wicd will not load, using eeePC 1005, cant get wireless

    Plenty of good articles on this, you just have to look.

    Problem with wicd - Remote Exploit Forums
  7. Re: Cannot Dual Boot as Bracktrack Partition Not recognised As Bootable

    Looks like it was created by Windows 7 for bitlocker encryption and the Windows Recovery Environment(WinRE). It could be that this is causing problems with booting into backtrack, but don't take my...
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    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    I guess it is time for me to join the forums since I have practically lived here for the last couple of weeks. Having said that what's up everyone? I will try not to be too much of a n00b:D
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