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  1. Re: ALFA AWUS036NHR - chip RTL8188RU - compat-wireless driver rtl8192cu

    Epic waste of time,
    This card works out of the box for things like reaver and cracking WEP so this tutorial is pointless.
    The problem with this card is that it doesnt allow you to connect to AP's....
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    Re: Soft AP / Phishing Script [Release]

    There problem IMO is the DHCP, If it isnt setup properly the script wont work.
    I also had to change the standard settings...Things like the router which you set to, I had to make it...
  3. Re: Reaver - Warning: Failed to associate with [BSSID] - (BT5 r3)

    Is the AP security set to TKIP?
    They seem to be a problem for reaver.
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    Re: Can I install BT5 over a BT4 install

    You sure can
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    Re: Comodo Antivirus on Backtrack 5

    Dont use backtrack as your main operating system it will just be a headache.
    If you really want it on your computer maybe you should dual boot windows and backtrack.
    Some things just wont work on...
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    Re: Unable to install, black screen after startx

    I would edit the boot menu at the start but id put

    casper/vmlinuz file =/ cdrom/preseed custom.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz text splash vga=791 i915.modest=1

    So just type...
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    Re: help with bactrack 5 on Sony Vaio

    When you get to the boot menu push the TAB key and type i915.modeset=1
    And push enter and it will load the right driver and then it will work.
  8. Discussioni: how to install?

    by BorisTheBlade

    Re: how to install?

    You havent explained yourself very clearly im afraid but ill take a stab anyways :D

    It sound like you have already install Backtrack alongside Windows? If you have then /dev/sda3 etc are the...
  9. Re: Backtrack 5R3 - Wireless connect issue - ANY help appreciated

    You have to have a USB wireless card i think for VM's, Which you do but im guessing your chipset might not be supported.
    You should try installing Backtrack to a USB stick. Then if that doesnt work...
  10. Re: Problem with Backtrack 5 freezes while booting of USB

    Sounds like your USB is fine if it went to the boot menu.
    Either you didnt type 'starx'
    or you need to edit the grub and add 'i915.modeset=1' maybe?
  11. Discussioni: Network Antenna

    by BorisTheBlade

    Re: Network Antenna

    Both of these cards are about the same in power, Even though they both have different output power.
    The awus036nhr is by far the best alfa aerial you can buy.
    I have them all ive tested the NHR on...
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    Re: BT5 Alfa AWUS036NH

    any help plz thx[/QUOTE]

    I have this aerial and to be honest its pretty poor for use with backtrack,
    I have mine at full 35 db and its still light years away from the strength of the...
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    Re: Reaver not working and/or in loop

    What should I do from this point ?[/QUOTE]

    You should try a different router, Is yours TKIP? By any chance?
    I found that routers with TKIP hang on the association and sometimes reaver doesnt even...
  14. Re: I need help with sslstrip, seems to only be partially working

    cd /pentest/web/sslstrip

    echo '1' > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080

    arpspoof i- wlan0
  15. Re: Does backtrack mount drives, ie HD/Swap as read only?

    So then the Backtrack live cd default boot mode will mount the host HD and hosts swap, and potentially write information about my activities to the disks on the host computer?
    How much of my Live...
  16. Does backtrack mount drives, ie HD/Swap as read only?

    Hi im new to this forum so i would just like to say hello first :)

    My question is this.
    Does backtracks default boot mode mount my harddrive or other media as read only?
    Or does it mount them...
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