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    F5D7050B V3 Works on BT4, Not on BT5 R1 or R2?

    I have the ISO's for BT4 R1, BT5 R1 & R2, My Belkin 54G Wireless adapter can scan with Airodump-ng and use everything else, but when I use BT5 R1 or R2, it shows up, and can be put into monitor mode,...
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    Monitor Goes black every 10min, how to change?

    The monitor keeps going black til i move the mouse every 10 minutes, i cant find anywhere where to turn that off, getting really annoying while trying to watch a movie? Anyone know where the...
  3. Multiple Clients, Opn Encryption, Wont let connect!

    My buddy is a computer science major and he set up 2 Wireless Networks Chiba1 and Chiba2, they have atleast 35% connectivity within a 10mile radius, when I airodump it shows him and his other comp...
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