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  1. Riferimento: Booting Error -USB Drive Install -Looping Error After First Boot

    i have the same error. How can i change ext2 to ext4 in a USB installation?
  2. inode ext2 error after apt-get upgrade Backtrack 5 R1

    Hi all,
    i have an usb installation of backtrack 5 R1 and it work fine. I made it with Linux Live Usb Creator.
    My usb drive works well until i upgrade packages. Doing apt-get update && apt-get...
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    Problems running BT5 on ATI 5650HD hybrid card

    Hi all,
    i have a notebook with ATI Radeon 5650 HD. It's an hybrid Ati/Intel card. I can run BT5 with Intel i915.modeset=1 but i need to install pyrit and atistream but original ati driver from Ati...
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    5100 is able to go in monitor mode. you ha ve to...

    5100 is able to go in monitor mode. you ha ve to patch your kernel. i can't post URL. but try to search "Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 5100 Card injection OK" in GOOGLE.
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    Packet injection for 88w8335. how install driver?

    i have a 88w8335 chipset PCMCIA wireless card and i can't use it on backtrack 3 final. i read that there is a new piece of code tat can do this but i don't know how do it. i need an hand. On HCL:...
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