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    Filter some Interesting Wireshark Packets for Noobs

    I am still a noob so please forgive me if these tips are not elegant.
    I found Wireshark a bit overwhelming until I got used to using some of the Capture filters and Display filters, and still do a...
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    Save only Display Filter packets in Wireshark

    How do I save ONLY the packets from the DISPLAY FILTER in Wireshark on the fly.

    I am using Wireshark to capture traffic from my wireless adapter.
    Capture Filter is "port 1863"
    Display Filter is...
  3. Can someone hack into my PC via wireless while I'm monitoring using Airodump-ng?

    I am a noob so please forgive the paranoia. I am booting up using the BT3 final live CD on a PC that normally runs WIN XP PRO. I am happy enough with the firewall and antivirus that runs while I'm...
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