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    PXE / Netboot Backtrack 5 Is it possible

    I have done some extensive reading and was wondering if their was a way to get backtrack 5 r1 to support PXE booting?
  2. Thank you for the steps, ill try one more time at...

    Thank you for the steps, ill try one more time at this, all of the steps so far i have followed, ill see if I can get my neighbour to connect as the client for me, Ive heard if you have 2 cards you...
  3. Acer One Netbook with Atheros Wifi Card Not pucking up Handshakes with airodump-ng

    I am sure you guys have had tons of questions on this topic, I have read how tos until im blue in the face, here is the issue I am attempting to Crack my own Linksys WRT54GS Router, I have it set to...
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    Motorola USB EVDO Phone Modem in BT4

    I posted this in the Newbie forum section although i have a bit of experience with linux in general
    I have a USB Motorola Rival that is with Verizon, im trying to tether it with USB to connect to...
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