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    PCMCIA card to USB 2.0 with AWUS036H

    My Dell D600 has only 2 (1.1) USB ports and both have to be
    used for backtrack 3 to see my AWUS036H.

    Has anyone solved this problem by using a pcmcia to USB 2 card?
    Where you able to use just...
  2. I think the problem is I do not get asked to...

    I think the problem is I do not get asked to choose "u"

    My Alfa is connected I start ndiswrapper and no ask me to choose.

  3. Lost

    You got me lost .
    I don't understand this statement
    What you need to do is make sure that you choose to use auto-NDISwrapper with your Alfa card and not your internal Broadcom card.

    What does...
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    cp rtl8187.sys “/tmp/auto-ndis/0bda:8187/”
    cp Netrtuw.inf “/tmp/auto-ndis/0bda:8187/”

    When I try this I get an error message
    Cannot create regular file "tmp/auto-ndis/Obda:8187/" : Is a...
  5. Tell me if there correct

    I copied Netrtux.inf and rtl8187.sys
    to /tmp/auto-ndis/14e4:4324 (rev03)

    It states once the drivers are copied over to this folder to press ENTER

    Driver file found! Continuing installation.
  6. Does not show up with iwconfig


    thanks for hanging in there with me on this.

  7. getting ERROR message

    When I type rmmod r8187
    ERROR: Module r8187 does not exist in /proc/modules
    I don't think "modules" is a folder so I can't copy the
    rmmod r8187 to it.

    When I type modprobe mdiswrapper
    no error...
  8. USB and the process

    Not wanting to sound "lazy" but would it mean
    if using a usb stick or CD to boot from,
    this driver install process would have to be done everytime?
    If that be the case, and the Alfa AWUS036H is...
  9. Following the instructions, have questions.

    I tried following the instructions. I have questions along
    with my results so far.

    Should this matter if I am booting from a USB memory stick instead
    of a CD?

    I assume I am suppose to have...
  10. Hello, Thank you for replying. First, can you...

    Thank you for replying. First, can you tell me what that command
    would be.. With the Afla 500mw usb adapter connected, backtrack 3
    running, open a shell and type airmon-ng, I do not see...
  11. Hello all, I'm a real newbie with backtrack and...

    Hello all,
    I'm a real newbie with backtrack and no nothing about linux but I am willing
    to learn. I think you guys are talking about using the Afla 500mw usb adapter
    with backtrack. I just...
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