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    Re: Anyone try and make USB 3.0 boot disk?

    I don't know if this helps any as it isn't technically the same as it isn't 3.0 but anyway.

    On my computer when I want to boot to USB if I use the normal boot order 1. USB, 2.CD/DVD, 3. HDD I run...
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    What goes into a Penetration tester

    I'm sure that title can generate a lot of jokes anywho movin' on...
    I want to become a Penetration Tester. And the more I research the subject the more confusing it seems to become. I also want...
  3. Re: After installing - BT5 boots to Ubuntu default GUI. No Backtrack Theme

    That's really odd that I have come across your post. I was looking for something else but what you are experiencing is similar to something I have had happen to me. I downloaded and burned what I...
  4. Aircrack via consoles & Gerix GUI works intermittantly

    Someone once told me that most errors are EEOC errors and therefore I am going to include my background so you know where I am coming from. (EEOC Equipment Exceeds Operator Capability)

    I am new...
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    I screwed up Gparted really bad

    I was drunk and lascked sleep and stopped Gparted halfway through a partition resize. I did something wrong with a textfile I was told to write and shut it's Konsole down when I shouldn't have...
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