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    Autoloader for Backtrack5

    This is an app I've been developing the last few months to hopefully help to speed up Linux development for Android devices.

    This is a paid app with the lowest possible price I can set it on the...
  2. 3 Different ways to store BT5 on Android Phone (SDCard Required)

    Original thread at XDA-Developers -


    Zen's Backtrack 5 For HD2 (and other)...
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    Re: Dual OS/Phone Functionality

    The chroot methoed (mount .img file, chroot into it) works exactly like that (sorta)

    instead of a reboot, you just need to run the script to load BT. it boots it up into a chroot environment with...
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    Re: Metasploit: db_driver issues

    mySQL can be set up, but its pretty damn tricky. if your interested, i have a copy of BT5 ive been owrking on for arm that has mySQL already built in, configured and autostarted with VNC
    (pwned my...
  5. Re: Any sized Backtrack 5 (4gig+) image on android smartphone/device

    Mirrors will be up once i have access to my laptop again :P takes a while for me to upload, so it might be a bit. Prefences on where its hosted anyone?
  6. Any sized Backtrack 5 (4gig+) image on android smartphone/device

    This is a How-to i typed up for the my version of Backtrack on the HTC HD2 (running Hypderdroid-CM7-2.3.4)

    This "should" work for any device that takes external storage, given that it is formated...
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