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  1. Windows 8 Partition blocked because of Backtrack 5 on USB Stick in Persistent Mode

    Hello I am facing a big problem and I hope I can be a help in this forum.

    I have Windows 8 installed on my laptop Lenovo U410. It is installed on C on a 750GB SATA hard drive and uses a 25GB SSD...
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    i dont have to crack the wlan from the neighbours...

    i dont have to crack the wlan from the neighbours because i have an 16mb line... i only wanted to try how it works... in the future i wil use better encryption for our wlan...

    does anybody knows...
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    problems with booting live cd

    hi @all

    i┤m new in this forum and in handling with bt3. at the first time i┤ve started the cd it was working without problems. i cracked the wlan in our house and it was working great.

    but the...
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