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    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    :)Hello, I have been using back track for a long while since BT2 just haven't been active on the forum so figured id say hello and start being active. My BT setup is listed below.

    Main Ubuntu...
  2. Re: [Video] How to: Crack WPA/WPA2 (aircrack-ng + airolib-ng)

    Yes you can download that sort of word list you just have to find it or you can generate your own.(All lists have to be generated by someone they don't just appear out of thin air.)
    Below I have...
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    thanks for the insight. I will switch over to the...

    thanks for the insight. I will switch over to the old driver when i get off. Do you think the driver is why switching from a 2dbi to a 9dbi didnt give me much more of a signal? Also kinda strange my...
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    airodump-ng PWR question

    Not sure if this is in the right spot or not if not please move it.

    Ok this isnt really a issue more of a question. I am using Alfa AWUS036h When i run airodump-ng it picks up about 27 networks...
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