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    The range is the same as with my dbi antenna as...

    The range is the same as with my dbi antenna as is with the 9dbi antenna whats
    up with that? I had a trendnet atheros card for my desktop and that card was amazing
    it worked really fast and...
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    Alfa AWUS036H 500mW question

    I know this adapter is very popular with backtrack , (rtl8187) and I have atheros in my
    laptop which only works with windows perfectly ,cant get it to works with this.
    I have ubuntu, backtrack 3...
  3. thanks

    thanks a lot for this info , so I just use terminal to connect, it would
    be so much easier to do in wifi manager.
  4. Discussioni: firewall

    by ontherooftop


    is there a firewall in this operating system to see if I can monitor inbound and
    outbound traffic.
  5. Still need help a audio problem and wifi problem and some other noob questions.

    So far I have done in 2 days make a dual boot with my xp and backtrack 3
    which too time to figure out , I also updated G slapt (dont see too many features). Anyways 2 problems 1 is my audio does...
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    USB boot install of backtrack 3

    I have a 4 gig usb flash pen drive and just saw a usb download of
    backtrack 3 , would I be able to download programs and keep songs on
    my desktop and have it saved like a hard drive , I am having...
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    installed backtrack 3 primarly boot problem

    ok so I had my partition ready and installed hda/BT3 from live cd the real
    install to /sda1 and mbr lilo to dev sda. Now when I reset the computer
    I get the lilo 22.8 menu and backtrack to...
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    atheros 5007 wifi card doesnt work

    Ok so I have a acer aspire and built in wifi is atheros 5007eg and
    It recognizes I have wpa psk TKIP protection but when I put in my password
    it says connection failed i use the wifi manager and...
  9. I wanna dual boot xp and backtrack 3 from hard drive

    I am a noob , but have experimented with ubuntu and dual booting is easy on it. I have drive C which is windows xp and using the windows xp disk
    I made another partition its called drive E which...
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