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  1. Re: ATI-APP-SDK + Pyrit + Cal++ How-To Guide (BT5 KDE 64bit)

    Worked perfectly!...

    But, one question: Why is not using the other cpu core?

    ==> pyrit_Core2Duo_E8400 <==
    Pyrit 0.4.1-dev (svn r308) (C) 2008-2011 Lukas Lueg pyrit - WPA/WPA2-PSK and a world...
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    BackTrack 4 R1 PXE Installing Error

    Hi all.

    I'm trying to install bt4-r1 with a PXE server from a Ubuntu Karmic. (dhcp, nfs and pxe are working fine).

    Copied the content of the r1 ISO to my pxeserver folder (/var/lib/tftpboot/)....
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