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  1. of devils and details

    First the error message:

    Mounting local filesystems...Error: cannot mount filesystem: Protocol error

    this message is harmless in and of itself. It simply means that you are not sharing...
  2. revised instruction set

    here are the revised instructions for 2.0.5
    start vmware-tools install from the vmware menu
    open a terminal and
    mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    mount /dev/cdrom3 /mnt/cdrom
  3. installing vmware-tools in vmware-fusion running bt4-prefinal

    this tutorial is based off of the offensive-security website.
    for a better understanding watch the video up and running backtrack 4,
    read the blog post about installing vmware-tools and
    read the...
  4. click on the button that says install vmware...

    click on the button that says install vmware tools
    and then follow the instructions on the blog.
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