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  1. Derive personal information from just a Username - Maltego?

    I am a student Private Investigator, and have recently been given this task. Our client gave us a username. For example JohnCubs2009 and a possible domain name, place of work, and first name.

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    Forensics Software - Encase versus SMART Linux

    I'm getting into computer forensics under the wing of someone who is Encase certified. They offer a Passport program where you can take all of their classes for a flat fee. However, the closest...
  3. Not hibernation

    This wasn't a hibernation issue. I haven't played around enough to see if sleep and hibernation are even possible on BT4 / KDE.

    This was a case where the battery went dead - POOF - computer...
  4. Woops - Improper shutdown = locked out

    My laptop has a crappy connection in the cord. And since BT4 doesn't warn you a gazillion times and then finally force you into hibernation when your battery is about to die, like windows does....
  5. With your tagline of "see what happens," I was a...

    With your tagline of "see what happens," I was a little hesitant since I didn't see any comments verifying that it works.

    For anyone else reading this:

    It worked 100% flawlessly.

  6. Hub versus Switch

    I'd like to use this technique on my home LAN where I own, and have access to, all of the components.

    My (limited) knowledge of the subject tells me that is I use a true Hub on the network, then...
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    Thank you!

    Great, thank you so much.

    By the way, to save you the trouble of getting all "Google is your friend" on the next person who asks a similar question, that top grey menu bar doesn't show up when I /...
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    Sort Forum posts in Chronological Order


    I've looked through the settings and even searched. This is driving me nuts.

    For some reason, when I view the forum, the posts show up in "reverse chronological" order.

    Example, a...
  9. Thanks!

    What weirded me out was all the zeros. I can see how a dual antenna system on a laptop would be better.
    The advantage of a USB dongle then would be its ability to be mounted high on a wall via an...
  10. Internal somehow more sensitive than External Wifi adapter

    I have an external "400mw" USB wifi dongle. I got it because I didn't think my laptop's internal card worked with BT4. A little experimentation with kismet.conf and airmon-ng quickly set me...
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    What you described is basic APR, which I...

    What you described is basic APR, which I appreciate. And I'm curious to see if arpspoof works better than other programs I've tried in the past.

    However, Monitor mode is important to me. Maybe...
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    I have done something similar on VIRTUAL...

    I have done something similar on VIRTUAL machines. In ms virtual pc or in virtualbox, you can load up your OS, do your work, and then shut it down NOT saving the machine state. Next time you boot...
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    No problem. Your english is very good! :-) I...

    No problem. Your english is very good! :-)

    I will try all of that next time I'm logged in.

  14. RealTex 8187 Chipset 400mw unit works out of the box

    I went around looking for an Alfa brand USB dongle, as I've read here that they work out of the box.

    The website I found was called data-alliance (.net). I simply clicked on Linux-Compatible on...
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    I must have had 2 instances of Kismet running or...

    I must have had 2 instances of Kismet running or something. I didn't see it in ps, and didn't scour through all of ps -augx.

    But anyhow. Working fine as intended now after a reboot.
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    Kismet / Wireshark only seeing BROADCAST data

    I'm using BT4 with a Realtek 8187 chipset USB wireless dongle.

    Using Kismet in channel (H)opping mode, it sees plenty of APs on several channels.

    I then find MY home router on the list and...
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