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    Re: Kismet configuration

    Thank you,

    i've added the source from the older version but it wouldn't have it until added the letters 'nc' on the front of 'source' to give 'ncsource'.

    I found that gpsd needed the server...
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    Kismet configuration

    Ok i recently installed backtrack 5 on my hd, mainly just so i could have a look at it and test my own wifi networks security, This is the first time i have seen backtrack and even attempted to use...
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    I found this and it worked for me, i have a...

    I found this and it worked for me, i have a Nvidia geoforce 8400gs 3d graphics accelerator pci card
    it worked for a different card for whoever posted it originally so i assume it will work with all...
  4. Re: Zydas zd1211rw SIOCSIFFLAGS : No such file or directory error!

    Hi, i had exactly the same problem, managed to get wifi going yesterday, then had to reinstall and tried everything i tried yesterday and my wifi wouldn't work, found the answer though

    I have LM...
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