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  1. Re: Daily Communter or Can I use BackTrack 4 as my daily OS?

    Thanks to you All,

    All of you made many valid points. I did have to make some changes to become Desktop friendly. I did NOT create a non-root user. I strayed away from the actual use.

    I do...
  2. Daily Communter or Can I use BackTrack 4 as my daily OS?

    Hi All,

    I have installed BackTrack as dual boot. I used XP and have upgraded to Win7 dual boot with Pre-Final and now with Final. The last few months, I have used BT as my Daily OS. I cruise...
  3. Discussioni: Gateway 4540GZ

    by Sammy

    Gateway 4540GZ

    I installed dual-boot Win7 Ultimate and Backtrack 4 Final.

    No general problems. Wireless works but injection failed. I do not know why. I used Alfa AWUS036H with no problems. Injection works...
  4. Replies

    Hardware - HP 311 1000NR

    I am dual booting Win7 and Backtrack Final. Generally they both work fine. Here are some exceptions.

    I first tried using BackTrack Pre-final alone. Various hardware(sound, and trackarea) did...
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