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  1. Re: ATI-APP-SDK + Pyrit + Cal++ How-To Guide (BT5 KDE 64bit)

    Getting the same error others have gotten, changing the file does not work, though I do appreciate the two who suggested it.

    syph@root:~/pyrit_svn/cpyrit_calpp# python build...
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    Probelms Setting Up Pyrit GPU Acceleration

    When attempting to set up Pyrit OpenCL, it puts out /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lOpenCL
    Ive googled this quite a bit but only find people having errors that don't have the -lOpenCL part and most...
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    Re: Black screen after startx

    I had this exact same problem, when your on the boot options, press tab on the option you want and add acpi=off to the boot options then hit enter. You will encounter another problem when you type...
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