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    Re: Upgrading of Backtrack Failed

    Thanks for replying!

    That's what I thought, but I guess I just have to accept it. It's dangerous to update ubuntu... :)

    If I reinstall, should I install a boot loader, or can I uncheck that...
  2. Exploits over Internet, rather than LAN - Dynamic DNS and public IP? Tutorials?


    I'm trying to do exploits over Internet rather than my local network.

    I only have a internal IP (e.g., no public IP.

    As I understand I would need to portforward from the...
  3. Install Bootloader when reinstalling BT5 on dualboot box??

    Hi everyone!

    I need to reinstall BT5 after I upgraded ubuntu which somehow ruined my environment.

    I have a dual boot machine with Win 7 and BT5R2. I installed Win 7 after BackTrack (I ruined my...
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    Re: Upgrading of Backtrack Failed

    I had the same problem. Damn ubuntu update :)

    I tried creating a new username as you suggested. My computer is still f:ed up, as I cant get to my BT environment.

    If I reinstall BT5R2, will I...
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