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    Re: booting off of usb

    If you find that your system does not support booting from a USB device. Check into PLoP boot manager. Most systems can boot from CD, that being the case, you can use PLoP burned to a CD and then...
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    Re: [Script] [Video] wiffy (v0.1)

    Just trying wiffy #17
    While it is listing more than #5 did on its scan, it is still misidentifying some of the devices... I'm getting WPA devices being reported as WEP...

    Num | ESSID ...
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    Gee... if it were only that easy... Without...

    Gee... if it were only that easy...

    Without jumping through hoops bigger than this problem, R1 doesn't play nice with this particular broadcom card in the desktop. Final does just fine without...
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    Dual Booting Win 7 and BT4Final without GRUB

    Over the past week and a half, I have installed Win 7 and BT4F approximately 17 times. Somewhere along the line, I end up with GRUB errors: 12, 13, 17 etc. Is there a way to install this whole mess...
  5. Re: Wireless NIC drivers from BT4 in other distros

    Thank you for the answer, although not what I really wanted to hear ;)
  6. Wireless NIC drivers from BT4 in other distros

    This is a bit of a newbie question... I have BT4 running on my laptop successfully. As I am venturing more into the Linux side of the world, I am looking to add Ubuntu to my desktop. After installing...
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