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    Re: Nvidia drivers, correct installatin

    im so glad i found this post.. man ive been trying since a week now to install nVidia on my machine.. broke my system a couple of times trying different guides that required disabling noveau etc.....
  2. Re: [Help] How to use Huweai E1750c Modem( USB Data card) Internet on backtrack 5

    here's how i made it work..

    you mightve installed the usb in windows.. the software is Mobile Partner.. a GUI which allows you to connect to the internet (and make voice calls optionally)..

  3. iwlagn and rtl8187 problems (since the past ten days now).. =(

    hi all.. my apologies for being dumb.. im new to linux and backtrack (convert since 15 days now) but am facing problems in wireless with aircrack.. ive searched this and many other forums but to not...
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