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  1. Re: DNS Analysis - Reverse Lookup using input from File

    The reason why I asked for this capability is because you can't simply do the things I was trying to do using nslookup, whois, or host (my fav).

    reverseraider -d domain | -r range [options]...
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    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    Hello everyone,
    Network dude trying to secure my environment from leech axss. Hope to learn and contribute.

    Thanks for all the hard work!
  3. Re: DNS Analysis - Reverse Lookup using input from File

    crossbower (reverseraider dev) was quick to respond to an email I sent asking for this...and he added the -f file option!

    It works great. It will be released with the next version. Thanks!
  4. Post Exploitation - Detecting payloads on exploited system

    I've got my XP system exploited and installed the keylog_recorder (post-windows-capture).

    I'm trying to figure out how to detect the keylog_recorder on XP? A spyware program?

    Is it possible to...
  5. Discussioni: default Gateway

    by hexidecimal1f

    Re: default Gateway

    Short answer. No. You're going to have to do some googling on "accessing my home computer."
  6. DNS Analysis - Reverse Lookup using input from File

    I've went through each DNS Analysis tool offered in BT5 but the only one that looks like what I need is reverseraider. But reverseraider will only allow me to specify a range of ip's. Maybe I'm doing...
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