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    Just one simple little command line...pleeeeez!

    Hi all - its been a while...I've become a dab hand at cracking WEP keys using my AWUS036H but I have a tiny prob...I need to know the command line used to kick off connected clients so that when they...
  2. Cheers balding_parrot Thats what I thought the...

    Cheers balding_parrot

    Thats what I thought the command problem was that I'd been running aircrack in the wrong directory, and therefore hadn't selected the correct file...lolol !
  3. Noobs and their Alfa AWUS036H...cant get WEP key, the final hurdle

    Hi all... this is my 1st post in the forum so apologies if its in the wrong place or sumfin... I'm a noob with forums too.

    I'm having a problem, well, may problems trying to crack my 128 WEP...
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    Howdy doody newb here...I've got...

    Howdy doody newb here...I've got all the good cards 'n' stuff and cant make any of them work... :o/

    With any luck I'll be one of the many happy people after just a few wee fixes of...
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