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    Re: Need help getting BackTrack 5r2 back in order

    If you don't mind starting fresh (As you stated with putting 5r3 on the same partition), why not just download the 5r3 ISO, setup a live usb or DVD, and install it off of that? The...
  2. Re: BT5 R3 unable to install from USB, shows black screen

    This should be a simple fix. If you are using an HP with an Intel Graphic HD card, on boot, edit the commands loading when booting to the usb (I believe it's TAB).
    This will open the boot listing. ...
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    Re: X system is not displayed

    Can you rephrase your question? What exactly is happening and what hardware are you using (video card wise)?

    Temporarily, so you can run startx, I would try loading GRUB on boot and enter the...
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    Re: Backtrack 5 R3 USB not bootable?

    Are you still experiencing issues?

    I would suggest opening up GParted and looking at the thumb drive from there. The simplest way to get a live usb going...

    Download/install GParted.
  5. Re: Any way to get KDE "start bar" to extend all the way across screen?

    I am not sure if the above response helped, but you can follow his instructions: Right click the bar -> Panel Options -> Panel Settings. In the large popup menu bar, click More Settings -> Maximize...
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