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  1. Re: Hacking in Virtual machine another virtual maching?

    Make sure your VM's are on a "team" together and they are both on the same vLan. Also as purehate mentioned, make sure they are on the same subnet. If you can ping one VM from another then you should...
  2. Re: mathematical question and numbers of days to find a wpa key with a 64 keys random

    Max WPA PSK is 63 characters but it isn't about days, it is about years. Honistly though, if someone wants on to your network that bad then it is most likely going to happen but I doubt it will be...
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    Any mixalpha_numeric_1-8 RTs available?

    I have been building a decent collection of about 500GB worth of NT, LM and MD5 RTs. Has anyone come across any pregenerated mixedalpha_numeric_1-8 tables available for download for any of those 3...
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    Protecting against a fake WAP

    I currently have somewhat overkill in regards to my AP's security:

    WPA2 with 63 character PSK, random generated string of alpha, numeric and symbols
    SSID broadcast is off
    MAC Filtering
    DHCP is...
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