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    Re: [>] Update Script for Backtrack 5.

    I am trying to install the update script but honestly im not sure how to.

    this is what I did and what happens.

    root@bt:~# wget...
  2. Triple Boot on Macbook Pro (SnowLeopard/Win7/BT5R2)

    I as probably noted due to this being posted in the beginners section am new to the whole linux thing. I have a late 2010 mbp i7 with 500gb HDD that I use for school. I am required to have both OS's...
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    Re: Issues with Backtrack USB Live

    I have the same issue but have a late 2010 mbp with snowleopard and bootcamp win7. I want to boot BT5 from a live usb but idk how :'(
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