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  1. What bluetooth chipset is recommended for use with Backtrack


    I had a Cisco USBBT100 with the Broadcom chipset which worked great, but it was borrowed. The USBBT100 worked great with BT4 and BT5 natively or in a virtual machine and even worked with...
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    Re: How to connect backtrack4 to internet?

    After you bridge the network card, use

    ifup eth0

    Do this even if the bridged device happens to be a wireless card because Virtual Box will present the bridged card as an ethernet device...
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    Re: BT4 RC2 iso won't boot from DVD

    If you burned the ISO with Windows 7 that has WinZip installed, it might have literally burned the ISO as a file. Windows 7 has the "burn ISO" as a default choice when you right click the ISO, but I...
  4. Script to allow apt-get proxy password to be entered dynamically?

    I was not able to update using apt-get due to being behind a proxy. Fortunately other posts make quick work of this issue. I set ENV variables using the following type of code.

  5. Re: Possibility to differentiate / reject a network based on the power received level

    My initial guess is "yes" assuming that the driver provides you with the strength of the signal. If you saw the same SSID but with two different average strength, you should be able to ignore the...
  6. Re: Becoming 1337. How would one browse the internet/view websites via konsole?

    Strictly speaking about browsing, you may actually learn a lot more by using Firefox and engaging with the numerous browser plug-ins such as Live HTTP headers, Tamper Data, View Cookie, Firebug, etc....
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