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    Find out if someone's watching my IP.

    There is two things I am wondering about:

    1. Is it possible for someone to monitor my Internet activities by only knowing my IP? Excluding my ISP of course. I'm being 100% sure that no unwanted...
  2. Re: Does BackTrack have any good tools for handling viruses?

    It is on Windows Vista, and it's not my computer, friend of a friend, so have no idea if her security habits.

    clamscan in terminal seems to work just fine.

    BTW, if a thread does not make it...
  3. Does BackTrack have any good tools for handling viruses?

    I tried to download and run ClamTK in a live-Cd with Ubuntu 10.10. That worked great until it came to about 7% in the process. The Window goes gray and does not responds. Is this due to some heavy...
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    Sticky: Re: Official hello thread

    Hi everybody
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    Problems with PhotoRec, no files found.

    I am trying to take backup of image files on someones computer who har tried to reinstall Windows before taking back-up, but only keeps getting some 210 image thats only Windows operating system...
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