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  1. Re: Was able to use Fern Wifi Cracker once... Then something strange happened.

    The xterm solution is very helpful indeed and gives you a lot of information about the progress. I use it all the time.

    Sorry to troll the thread, but taking the opportunity, could you make Fern...
  2. Right clicking and tapping should not be a...

    Right clicking and tapping should not be a problem. To be honest, I got used to it and I admit its more convenient to do a right click with just a tap of 2 fingers!

    The real issue is screen...
  3. Acer AO 756-877 netbook - moderate compatibility issues


    I have recently got a new Acer Aspire One 756-877 netbook and did a hard disk installation of BT5r2 32-bit and later upgraded to r3.

    CPU: Intel Celeron 877, 1.4ghz
    RAM: 4g
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