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    Re: AWUS036H won't connect through Wicd

    HD install or virtual, you should make sure WICD is using the right interface under Preferences.
    To see which interface your wireless is on, use
    $iwconfig or even
  2. Discussioni: Wireless HCL Thread

    by okra_man

    Re: Wireless HCL Thread

    To get this device to inject over a greater distance then a couple of meters i had to use these commands to bump it up from a txpower of 5dbi (3mw) to 27dbi (501mw)

    iwpriv wlan0 highpower 1...
  3. Re: HP Pavillion DV6-1355dx with Intel 4965agn wifi card

    You can only use USB devices with WMware. This is the limitation of WMware.
    If you wanna use your onboard chip, you have to install BT4.
  4. Re: Is intel wifi link 5100 network card compatible with Backtrack4

    Please use google more.

    You wanna make sure your chip is able to inject to be of any use.
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    Re: Wireless + Firmware ??

    Try this, this guy did this on a Debian linux.

    Good luck.
    Use google some more:
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    Re: Alpha AWUSO36H 1000mw?

    Try this tutorial, by Jano.

    I use it for my AWUSO50NH, and it works perfectly. Should also work for the 36H.

    but instead of:

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    Re: Advice for my WEP/WPA Cracker

    Hey, I like it.

    Gerix always froze up on me too and I havent used spoonwep.
    But I like the fact that the selections are all on one spot.

    I'm using it on a BT4 VMware install, with a Alfa...
  8. Re: How to install backtrack in VMware with VMware tools and first steps

    Well done, sir.
    I was stuck at mounting the virtual disk from /dev/cdrom (i could only see cdrom3, but there was nothing in it....) through terminal.

    Your tutorial got me unstuck, and happily...
  9. Re: How to connect to your phone via Bluetooth to access Internet

    Hey, I found one way to get the WAP/GPRS dialing info from your phone, unfortunately it involves using a W-word OS.

    Connect phone to computer and the proper drivers should install. The phone...
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