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  1. Re: Issue with network and auto-sleep (or something related)

    Hi, sorry, I know what the problem is, its just the dhclient renewal option like:

    Listening on LPF/wlan0/00:24:2c:92:20:93
    Sending on LPF/wlan0/00:24:2c:92:20:93
    Sending on Socket/fallback...
  2. Discussioni: Instalacion

    by bxbaxton

    Re: Instalacion

    Hola, el usuario y la clave prederminados son root:toor y puedes cambiar la contrase;a una vez logueado usando el comando
    Por ejemplo:

    passwd root
    y te va a pedir que escribas la nueva...
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    Re: Ettercap With ARP Poisoning

    Hi, I was trying a lot to modify the data (server -- victim) in ettercap to inject a javascript but I didnt success and I was wondering if you have an idea for how I can do it.
    Thanks for advance
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    HP G60 - Works perfect

    Hi, I have a HP G60 and I have just installed BT4 on it I just wanted to thanks all the BT team for this great distro and to contribute saying it works perfect on my laptop, if any one have a...
  5. Issue with network and auto-sleep (or something related)

    Hi, I'm a bit new to this Linux thing, but not so much on security and others but my problem is this, I could configure my wireless fine and everything works great, except that if I don't touch the...
  6. Problema con la configuracion auto-sleep y la red (o algo asi)

    Hola, soy un poco nuevo en esto de Linux aunque no tanto en seguridad y demas pero mi problema es el siguiente, pude configurar mi inalambrico bien y todo funciona de maravilla, solo que si no toco...
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