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    Re: Metasploit broken after R2 to R3 upgrade

    have you tried reinstalling metasploit with apt?

    that may re-build the application and set the shortcuts again, just a tought.

    hope it helps
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    Kernel error locks up computer

    I dont know what can be the cause of this, I just added the i915 parameters to the kernel line and as soon as I login I get a lot of warnings and errors that eventually locks up the laptop (lenovo...
  3. Re: [GUIDE] Loading the i915 driver in the 3.2.6 kernel without adding unsupported PP

    after doing a LOT of searching I found this thread! which I am sure It will work, however, grub IS NOT installed on my backtrack installation, only on a separate boot partition (managed by Arch...
  4. BT5 cant succesfully detect screen resolutions - New install

    Just installed BT5 KDE 64 bit on my laptop (Lenovo T420s, intel i5, NO nvidia card). Everything is working great except for one thing, the max screen resolution I can get is 1024x768, which is not...
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