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  1. Sticky: Thanks for the advice bro. Its always good to...

    Thanks for the advice bro. Its always good to read the "manual!"
    Hopefully I will have some success in the future but 4 now Im staring at a Tascam 48 track digital recorder and have my work cut out...
  2. Sticky: Actually the problem I think is that I am an...

    Actually the problem I think is that I am an idiot and not fully grasping what I'm looking at. Success is only success if you know what to do with the bringer of the success. I started from scratch...
  3. Sticky: should have been more clear.

    Sorry to give the wrong impression but the Network name is that of an AP created by me. I have three linksys routers that are configured differently for test purposes. One is set up with WPA2, I...
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    I'm still a newb here but I'm trying to absorb as...

    I'm still a newb here but I'm trying to absorb as much info as I can. I just finished your tut on creating and installing a module and it couldn't have seemed any more simple. THANKS! Each step I...
  5. Sticky: By the way, Thanks!

    I've been so excited to learn these new skills that I forgot to take the time to thank -=Xploitz=- for the awesome and helpful work he's done for us all, not to mention all others in this welcoming...
  6. Sticky: aircrack worked on one wep encrypted network but not on others.

    I have been successful getting a passkey for a wep 'secured' network by the name of lesara but dont have success with other networks. After completing your great tut I got the following message.

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    Much respect.

    Sorry for the ignorance but grateful for the assistance.
    My enthusiasm for electronic music production and synthesis has converted to a quest to learn the art of wireless network insertion.
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    whata bout WEP?

    So I was able to configure the supplicant file for WPA2 successfully but whata bout WEP and other types. I'm figuring this out slowly but surely but I am still a newb.

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    You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im...

    You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im wireless!
    Everything you said made sense and was concise. Thank you so much.
    Do I need to add the aforementioned text for each wireless network I connect...
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    thanks for the quick response. Ill try your...

    thanks for the quick response. Ill try your recommondations and let ya know.


    My router is set up with WPA2. I dont see where to put my TKIP passphrase. Will this work or do i...
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    Error messages

    When I select the madwifi, or any other driver, the following error message occurs:

    Kwlan was unable to

    Start WPA Supplicant

    This may...
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    Cant start WPA Supplicant properly!

    Ive booted BT3 via USB on my vista machine with the intention of learning to use its many networking possibilities. To be honest, the whole process is a work in progress for myself but every little...
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