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  1. Discussioni: Unicorn scan

    by imported_kjngc

    To have only one set of config files to worry...

    To have only one set of config files to worry about:

    ln -s /etc/unicornscan/ /usr/local/etc/unicornscan
  2. Apache configuration broken & recommended fix

    I don't know if this is on shaman's list of todos, but if using the KDE menu > Services > HTTPD > Start HTTPD, the launch appears successful, due to the success confirmation dialog.

    However a...
  3. Filesystem loop entry for /dev/sdx

    I have a very similar problem with a duplicate reference to /dev/sdx x==3 in my case. I used the VMware hard disk install guide, but that should not make any difference.

    Commented it...
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