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    Re: R2 is FAST!!! but it broke my please

    why would you think your hard drive would have any effect on live cds?
  2. wirelss works in virtualbox under linux not windows

    I am using the same vm image of bt4 r1 in the same version of virtual box under both fedora and windows 7. All functionality works with my usb alfa awus050nh adapter running it under linux (internet...
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    ...backtrack is based on ubuntu so follow the same steps as you did there..

    did you start wicd?
    /etc/init.d/wicd start
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    Re: Backtrack R1 several errors

    i had a situation where one day the bridged connection was connecting to the network but not getting "internet access" inside a win7 vbox image. i changed the network connection from bridged...
  5. getting error when setting up device in iw, possible help please?

    i am trying to setup the awus050nh usb card in bt4 final, kernel (in vm) using this guide:


    all has...
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    Re: ALFA AWUS050NH with BT4F

    To be honest im not exactly sure why i ordered this model, i think i saw a thread somewhere with people saying it worked well or what not possibly? or maybe that was the model that came up when i was...
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    Re: ALFA AWUS050NH with BT4F

    I know this post is a tad bit old but i had found this tut a few days ago and am having a hard time finding the required 2780 firmware...

    using the link provided in the wiki i get a page not found...
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